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Health, Hygiene and Janitorial Solutions

Specialized Cleaning - Industrial, Commercial and Residential
Our Interclean division specialize in the cleaning of offices, factories, shopping centres, hotels, residential homes and hospitals. Our team is highly trained in the ministration of deep cleaning of ablutions and sanitary services, as well as canteen and medical applications. In order to provide a quality service each client is individually assessed in order to determine the most effective solution for each unique situation.
Health Care Products
We provide a total health care solution that is cost effective and environmentally friendly. We supply a range of health care products, on a rental basis or as an outright purchase. We supply hand driers, hand care products, feminine hygiene applications, air and surface care products, hand and seat hygiene, toilet tissue dispensing products, paper products, washroom and office hygiene solutions. We are also the industry leaders in Janitorial Services.
Pest Control
Dependent on the pest control application you may require, we offer solutions on wood destroying insects (with clearance certificates) including termites, and woodborer beetles. We also control health and nuisance insects, crawling insects (ants, fishmoths, bedbugs, etc), flying insects, rodents , stored products pests, moths, flour beetles, etc
Waste Management
SE Industries is affiliated to Nozinga Waste Management and as such we are able to render services including general and hazardous waste disposal, medical waste collection and disposal as well as recycling of paper, glass, cardboard, etc.

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Space Solutions

Accredited manufacturer and supplier of modular units with a commitment to complete customer satisfaction. As a seasoned leader in custom manufactured modular units we pride ourselves in the ability to design, engineer and build a truly custom crafted application in a timelier and more cost-efficient manner while maintaining our core beliefs of quality, customer satisfaction, service and value. We, provide our clients with flexibility, complete professional service, customization and a faster, smarter, greener way to build.

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Ozone Solutions

Ozone is enriched oxygen used to disinfect or break down harmful bacteria or pollutants. Efficient and ecologically sound, fast-acting and effective, Ozone is used to treat both organic and inorganic substances.
Used for the removal of colour, taste and odour
Instrumental in the support for flocculation
Safe and largely experienced process
Environmentally favourable
Produces No Trihalomethanes



Maintenance Solutions

Industrial, Commercial and Residential - Maintenance & Construction
Our Maintenance division attends to all your gardening requirements, whilst our Construction team can provide you with the solution to all aspects of your building requirements including painting, electrical, tiling and plumbing.
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Quayside Solutions

We pride ourselves with offering unique quay side support to Vessels entering the Port of Coega. We provide a one-stop solution for all aspects of procurement, catering, health and safety.



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