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Company Information


SE Industries is a diverse Company who can provide a vast array of services. We believe that being a diverse service provider you as the client have benefit of one Company managing your needs that you can focus on your core business.
S.E. Industries is a service-orientated organization providing a wide scope of services to a wide spectrum of businesses and institutions across all industries, including government, medical, recreational and hospitality facilities throughout the Eastern Cape.
SE Industries commenced operation in Eastern Cape in January 2006 and has been growing from strength to strength. We are a dynamic Company who take pride in delivering service excellence. Over the years we have been employing people who are specialize in their fields of expertise that will enhance the Company's ability to provide an above average service to our clients.


Mission Statement
  BEE Status

“Quality in Service is Everything” is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and principals. We are committed to upholding our reputation of unparalleled service superiority by continually exceeding customer expectations. We endorse our statement: “Quality in service is everything”.



SE Industries has grown from a relatively small hygiene service provider, owned and managed by a dynamic team, which is a level 4 contributor to BEE and has 100% procurement recognition.

Unique SE Industries benefits


  • Management will ensure all contracts comply with the occupational health and safety act.

  • Regular inspections are carried out to maintain a high standard at all times.

  •  In addition to the compulsory insurances, i.e. (Workmans compensation and U I F) the Company holds extensive public liability

  • The Company's H. R. department will provide on-going support to managers and staff.

  • The Company will receive one invoice per month for all the services provided.

  • The client can have all their needs met from one phone call to S. E. Industries.



SE Industries is committed to the following:

  • The cleaning and improvements of all environments within the scope of its contractual duties.

  • The proper disposal of all waste products.

  • The use of non toxic chemicals.

  • The use of biodegradable chemicals where ever possible.

  • The return of chemicals in the case where the chemicals have exceeded their expiry date.

  • The use of chemicals that have been formulated according to SABS or alternatively international standards.

Affirmative action

SE Industries is fully committed to the application of the employment equity act, no 55 of 1998
S.E. Industries takes pride in supporting the community and training our staff to enable the staff to grow within the Company.
S.E. Industries has a level 4 contributor to BEE 100% compliant.



The Company has employed a Services seta registered trainer to train all our staff. Further the Company has a full time H. R. manager who is responsible to monitor training and ensure all management are fully compliant with the relevant labour regulations.

Environmental policy
  Social Responsibility


To regulate the manner in which SE Industries conducts its business so that the healthy balance is struck between economic considerations and the Company's responsibility to protect the environment against degradation, both short term and long term.



SE Industries is committed to the upliftment and development of communities by annually contributing to various corporate social responsibility initiatives promoting the diverse needs of people in different communities. These include:

  • ACVV Pikkewyntie Crèche

  • ACVV Doempie Crèche

  • Waterkloof Place of Refuge



We believe in building a business that not only sustains the future of our people, but also our planet. For us, protecting the environment is an obligation, not a choice. We promote environmental awareness among employees, customers, suppliers and communities by monitoring our environmental impact and use resources responsibly. SE Industries are conscious of waste management, use environmentally friendly chemicals where possible, advocate indigenous plants and focus on reducing our Carbon Footprint as well as assisting clients in reducing theirs.


Nurturing long term business relationships.


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